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General Questions offers professional web hosting services, reliable reseller hosting and colocation services. We’re in New York, but operate within three data centers: Brooklyn, New York, Staten Island, New York and Dallas, Texas.

We’re local but serving globally! You can host your websites in US or Europe (or both!)

Our central office (NOC) is based in Brooklyn, NY. 

We use best and current server hardware from Dell, Supermicro, Cisco and IBM. We do not recycle SSD disks! Latest CloudLinux CentOS 7.x, cPanel with WHM, Intel processors (2020), SSD (data center edition), ample of DDR4 memory (at least 196 GB of DDR4), reliable offsite backup system and global DNS come with every server! offers 99.8% server uptime and 24/7/365 technical support via email help (at) and Help Center

Resellers provided with excellent 99.9% uptime guarantee. We also offer 24/7/365 emergency-only phone support. doesn’t own data center in New York City. We colocate professional server equipment (Dell PowerEdge or Supermicro 2U servers) in Brooklyn, New York, Staten Island, New York and Dallas, Texas. currently offers following data center locations:

New York: primary location. New 2U Dell or Supermicro servers are colocated in NYC with latest (2020) Intel processors, SSD disks (data center edition) and 1 Gbps uplinks. Customers with “HOME NYC” and “UNLIMITED NYC” plans will be hosted in New York (Brooklyn and Staten Island) by default.

Dallas: private resellers (grandfathered plans RS-1 PRO, RS-2 PRO, RS-3 PRO, SD-1, SD-2 and SD-3) and new resellers: “PRIVATE RESELLER” and “GLOBAL RESELLER” (starting July 1st 2022).

All offsite weekly and monthly backups are being stored in Germany for extra redundancy and data protection. In addition to that, we transfer offsite backups to our local data center in Brooklyn, New York once per month.

We offer premium 1 Gbps bandwidth from: Hurricane Electric, Cogent and Core Backbone.

Your websites will load in no time anywhere in the world!

If you wish to host personal websites (blogs, eBay pictures, hi-res photos etc.), you should select “Home NYC“. It’s cheaper but extremely reliable. If you run business oriented website or planning to sell products or services with Joomla, Woocommerce, Stripe, PayPal or Apple Pay/Google Pay, you should select “Unlimited NYC“.

If you wish to resell hosting services and become part of great web hosting community, we do recommend Private Reseller Package: Private Reseller. Reseller servers are extremely reliable and being colocated in Dallas, Texas (central US). All reseller accounts come with private DNS for extra redundancy and privacy.

If you have any questions about our web hosting plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time: sales (at)

Thank you very much for choosing! We normally setup new web hosting accounts same day, Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM EST. If you placed an order on Friday evening, we’ll setup your account on Monday morning. Billing date will be adjusted to reflect this delay.

Private Reseller accounts are being setup within 24-48 hours, Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM EST.

If you didn’t hear from us within 1-2 business days, please check your spam folders then contact sales (at) We’ll get back to you ASAP.

We’d like to be honest with you: outages do occur regardless of server hardware, network or data center. 99.8% uptime means that your website may be unreachable for about 90 minutes per month. This is “expected downtime” or “permittable downtime”. In the past 365 days our shared hosting servers didn’t go down for more than 1 hour. Reseller servers have outstanding 99.9% uptime all the time!

If you see “100% uptime guarantee” elsewhere, please ask host for real SLA and external statistics. You’ll be surprised!

Absolutely! We’re local web hosting provider but operate globally. NYC data center networks are optimized for traffic in North America, Asia and Europe.

Right now we use GTT Communications, Cogent and Hurricane Electric upstream providers with 99.9% uptime guarantee. All US servers are connected via 10Gbps uplinks.

Private resellers (Global Reseller) and resellers with grandfathered plans (RS-1, RS-2 etc.) are being hosted in Dallas, Texas. This is ideal location for entire North America. Data center has excellent peering with EU and Asia. Uptime is great too: 99.9%

Sure! You can try our web hosting services free of charge for 90 days. Please note: we charge $1 via Credit Card or PayPal in order to verify account holder. $1 fee is refundable within 2 business days. If you activate your trial account via PayPal, we’ll post $1 as credit. However, if you cancel your account within 90-day free trial, we’ll refund $1 back to your PayPal account.

You can order one dedicated IP for $2.00 per month + $5.00 one time setup fee. One block of 4 IPs will cost $8 per month + $5.00 setup fee. Please note: IP usage must be justified.

Private Resellers have at least one free IP. Resellers with “Global Reseller” plan have 4 dedicated IPs. If you have reseller account, you can request free dedicated IP at any time via Help Center.

You can automatically secure your WordPress, Joomla or other Ecommerce website with free 90-day Let’s Encrypt SSL. SSL can be activated at any time via cPanel. Renewals are automatic and free of charge.

Alternatively, you can request free 90-day SSL from ZeroSSL. This SSL will be installed manually. SSL is valid for 90 days only. If you don’t have time to keep SSL valid (manual renew is required every 90 days), we can renew free SSL for you for only $5 per year (maintenance fee). This option is convenient and highly recommended!

If you wish to secure online store, shopping cart or sensitive forms, we do recommend commercial grade SSLs: RapidSSL ($20 per year) or PositiveSSL ($12 per year). 

If you have Private Reseller account, you may request at least 1 commercial grade SSL free of charge. Renewals are free of charge too as long as you have an account with us.

Do you need anything else? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time via email: sales @ or 24/7/365 Help Center.

We’ll get back to you at once!

Reseller Questions

Sorry, “Unlimited NYC” web hosting plan doesn’t include Web Hosting Manager (WHM). It also lacks premium reseller features like white labeled servers and reseller support.

Sorry, we do not offer free reseller trials. However, all premium reseller hosting packages include 45-day money back guarantee (new reseller accounts only). 

We use hi-end 2U rack mounted Dell PowerEdge or Supermicro servers with powerful Intel Xeon processors, ample DDR4 and enterprise edition SSD disks. Due to nature of reselling, we do not oversell reseller servers and here is why: reseller with single cPanel account may grow to 100 cPanel accounts overnight. That’s why we place much less reseller accounts per server. 

Less users on the server, more uptime: we offer 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee with every reseller account.

Sorry, we don’t offer free domain names with web hosting orders at this time.

Sorry, doesn’t accept crypto payments. You can pay your invoices in USD by any credit, debit or prepaid card. We also accept PayPal.

Billing Questions

We accept major credit and debit cards, prepaid cards and PayPal. If you select annual subscription, you may also pay by check or by postal money order (Western Union money orders are also accepted).

All payments are in USD.

Yes, we do! You can try “HOME NYC” or ‘UNLIMITED NYC” web hosting plan for 90 days. $1.00 activation fee is refundable during free trial. offers $1 refund during 90-day free trial offer. We do not offer refunds after 90 days trial period. 

All services are subscription based. If you wish to avoid future charges, please cancel your account at least 5 days prior renewal cycle.

Sorry, we don’t offer free domain names with web hosting orders at this time.

Sorry, doesn’t accept crypto payments. You can pay your invoices in USD by any credit, debit or prepaid card. We also accept PayPal.

Do you need anything else? We’re here to help you! Please contact us via email: sales @ or drop a ticket to 24/7/365 Help Center.